Chan Pei Lin

Chan Pei Lin

Counsellor / Case Supervisor

MGC (Guidance and Counselling)
BA (Psychology)

Pei Lin is a Counsellor and a Case Supervisor with Think. Pei Lin holds a Master in Guidance and Counselling and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). She is also currently pursuing her certification for Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.

Pei Lin always has a keen interest in working with children and youths. Being diagnosed and having lived with dyslexia and tactile defensives (Sensory Integrative Disorder), Pei Lin advocates the importance of developing a strong emotional foundation and supportive network to overcome stressful times. Through her years of dedication in the field of developmental disorders and mental health, Pei Lin believes in providing customised platforms to help each child, youths and their families build resilience, self-identity, to overcome anxiety and to strive for their best. Through years of experience, she firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance in a fulfilling life no matter their situation.

As a Case Supervisor, Pei Lin utilises evidence-based methods like ABA to formulate and implement individualised behaviour management programs to help each child reach their full potential working in partnership alongside caregivers. As a Counsellor, she integrates Choice Theory and Reality Therapy, Family Therapy and Emotional Focused Therapy in her work. She aims to empower individuals, both adults and children, to take charge of their life and to lead fulfilling lives.

In her spare time, Pei Lin enjoys dancing, going to the gym and baking.

Pei Lin is fluent in both English and Mandarin.