ABA Services

What is ABA?

Think Kids utilises Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) principles to create positive learning experiences for children with challenging behaviours and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

ABA is considered the premier treatment for children in Singapore whose issues range from development delay, behavioural problems to unwelcome habits.

ABA is an evidenced-based intervention that uses scientific principles of behaviour to promote change using proactive strategies that focus on preventing problems before they occur. It has been proven to have the best results across all domains: behavioural, language, social and cognition.

Whilst normally associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ABA is not solely an Autism treatment and has been effectively used with children who are in need of behaviour modification or who need to learn basic, but essential, life skills.

ABA is the recommended treatment internationally for Autism Spectrum Disorder and is recognised by the Singapore Ministry of Health, in addition to many other authorities including the U.S. Surgeon General.

Benefits of ABA

ABA is considered the most effective treatment for behaviour management and modification, especially for Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Numerous studies have been conducted globally on the effectiveness and benefits to individuals receiving ABA therapy. Below is a summary of some of the key behaviour outcomes that can be achieved through ABA:

Increasing Behaviours:

Decreasing Behaviours:

Our Services

Think Kids lives & breathes ABA.

At Think Kids we provide a full suite of ABA and ancillary services to ensure your child has the best opportunity to achieve their development objectives.

Whilst therapy will initially focus on immediate behaviour and development concerns of your child, the ultimate goal of our programs is to help your child develop to their maximum ability so they can be as independent as possible in day-to-day life. Rest assured that Think Kids provides one of the most comprehensive ABA services available in Singapore.

Our ABA services include:

We understand that each child is unique and requires an individually tailored treatment program to provide the best chance of achieving their specific developmental goals.

Prior to commencing any formal treatment, our psychologists will observe your child, review medical and schooling records, complete interviews with parents/caregivers/teachers and, in some cases, complete an assessment.

Once this background information has been examined, the psychologist will then proceed to develop a customised intervention plan for your child that will form the roadmap for treatment going forward.

Given every child learns differently, the intervention plan will be continuously monitored and revised by our psychologists and the Think Kids therapist team over the duration of the treatment to ensure your child is receiving the most appropriate treatment for their specific needs and abilities.

Research has proven that the earlier a child commences treatment, the more chance the child has in achieving their full potential. Accordingly we encourage parents to seek help as soon as possible if they suspect their child is not developing consistently with their peer group.

Our customised programs are focussed on helping children in Singapore aged from 18 months to young adulthood with a variety of diagnoses and developmental challenges. We work closely with the child’s family and their extended caregiving team to provide evidence-based collaborative care with proven long term results.

Our goal is to consistently provide the highest level of evidence-based clinical care that is closely monitored by our team of specialised child psychologists who are based in Singapore.

The ABA and other treatment programs designed by Think Kids are primarily implemented at your home by our therapists with the assistance of parents and caregivers.

Implementation of the ABA program in the home setting is important because this is the environment in which your child spends most of their time and will be the place where they will utilise most of their acquired skills and behaviour. This includes activities such as, eating, bathing, using the toilet and other essential home organisational skills.

Once your child is comfortable and proficient with applying these learnt skills and behaviour in the home environment, the treatment plan will then be expanded to generalise in other external, public environments.

We offer group social skills training employing proven evidence based therapies to teach children and young adults how to engage, regulate and respond to social interactions with peers.

We ensure each social group is kept to a small number of compatible and complementary children. Social group sessions are targeted to help cohesion in problem solving skills, to resolve conflict and encourage appropriate communication.

To find out more about social skills groups at Think Kids, please click here.

Once your child is ready, our team of psychologists will be able to advise, prepare and facilitate your child’s transition and integration into school.

We often also provide on-site training and support to the educators working with your child.

The goal of all treatment implemented by Think Kids is to strengthen essential skills for your child to live life at their highest possible level of independence.

Specific areas that we focus include, skills related to daily living, such as, hygiene, transportation, leisure and other daily living skills.

Through our team of psychologists, we provide ongoing support, guidance and strategies to help children and their families cope with the challenges they may encounter.

We addresses psychological, social, medical and vocational aspects of a child’s life in their communities. The child and family are able to make positive changes as a result of gaining insight into problems.

Face-to-face guidance and training is customised for each family’s individual needs to equip parents (and other caregivers) with the skills, tools and confidence to manage your child’s developmental challenges and sustain progress independently, beyond the end of services from Think Kids.