Postnatal Depression help

You are not alone.

Up to 10% of all women fall victim to postnatal depression

When parenting does not feel like the explosion of love you had envisioned, it brings you down. 

There are many causes for postnatal depression. If the flow of healthy hormones after delivery are cut off, you will not be able to play and care for your baby in the way that you would like. If you are not getting sleep, nutrition and the social interaction you need, you start to wear out.

The birth of your own child can also trigger pain inside you. You wonder about your own childhood. Maybe there is a recurring sense of unease when your baby cries. If you feel low and stressed for a prolonged period of time, it will start to impact on your parenting.

Signs of Postnatal Depression

Many new mothers go through very severe depression without knowing it is a manageble illness.

Postnatal depression may come about as the symptoms experienced with ordinary postnatal baby blues get worse.

Another type comes on more gradually and may not be noticed until some weeks after baby’s birth.

Some signs of postnatal depression include:

How think Kids Can Help

Speak to one of our psychologists or counsellors

The most important thing is to help yourself as a parent first (event though this might be difficult). 

We often put ourselves last and live with nothing left in our tank. 

Think Kids is here to help with strategies on how to be the best parent for your family. 

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