Adult Counselling

Individuals & Couples Counselling

Our team of psychologists are here to help.

When we experience difficulty in our relationships it is common to start doubting ourselves. Or we get locked into a way of being and blame the other. We risk falling into communication patterns and behaviours where we lose the love and respect for both ourselves and the other. Even the relationship you once had such trust in can become one you start to doubt.

All relationships start with the relationship you have with yourself. The better you know yourself the better you can know your partner. 

Psychotherapy and counselling is a place to:

  • Get to know your own boundaries and reconnect with your own self-worth
  • Shine a loving light on yourself and generate an awareness of aspects within you
  • Improve your communication and become more clear about what you want


At Think our psychologist and counselling teams can help give clarity to some of the causes of your problems. As you feel stronger you may see ways to work through the issues and grow in a way that serves you – both within and outside of your relationships.

Please refer to Think Psychological Services for more information. 

Family Counselling

Think is dedicated to helping you through your most difficult times.

Family therapy is helpful in situations where the family system has been disrupted. This may be a result of a problem of a single family member or multiple family members, where the issue is related or completely different.

The aim of family therapy is not to place blame on a single family member but rather to change overall family interaction or behaviour to help resolve the concern.

Please refer to Think Psychological Services for more information.