Executive Functions Training

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning Skills typically develop from early childhood to young adult years. These skills enable us to plan ahead to achieve goals, remember and follow multi-step directions, filter out distractions, and exercise self-control.

Trouble with executive functions can present itself in many ways- such as difficulty maintaining focus, following instructions, planning and organizing, emotional dysregulation, amongst many others.

Individuals who can benefit from Executive Functions Training

Benefits of Executive Functions Training

We provide Executive Functions training to teach children and teens skills essential for working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self-management.

  • Working memory: ability to retain and manipulate information over short periods of time
  • Cognitive flexibility: enables us to sustain or shift attention to generate appropriate responses due to changes in demands, or apply rules in different settings
  • Self-management: ability to set priorities and resist impulsive actions or responses

Children and young adults who have participated in Think Kids’ Executive Functions training have shown significant improvements in

Our Program

Oftentimes children and teenagers who struggle with executive functions may find it difficult to keep up with the demands of school, and may encounter learning difficulties. They may also come across as seemingly lazy or not intelligent. However, individuals who struggle with executive functions are just as smart and hard-working as other people.

At Think Kids, we understand the difficulties faced by children who struggle with executive functioning, and thereby aim to equip them with appropriate skills needed to cope with the challenges they face.

Through our executive functions training programs, we first complete an intake assessment to ascertain the needs of your child and then come up with an evidence-based program to equip your child with the essential executive functioning skills.

The program includes structured activities targeted in helping your child gain the tools they need, and provide opportunities to practice these skills. Parents are provided regular feedback on what their child has learnt, so you can help your child generalise on the skills they have learnt.