Art Therapy

Art Therapy is an evidence-based therapy that combines mental health and human services, utilizing artistic expression as its main form of communication, alongside talking to an art therapist. The objective of art therapy is to provide us with an enhanced perspective on our internal struggles and emotional challenges, allowing us a deeper comprehension of the necessary steps for addressing and overcoming them.

who can
benefit from
Art Therapy

  • Everyone – Kids/ Teenagers/ Adults/ Caregivers
  • Anxiety, depression, other mental health issues
  • Family and relationship issues
  • Social/Emotional challenges
  • Stress management
  • Children with special needs/ learning challenges
Art therapy is an innovative therapeutic method that harnesses the transformative potential of artistic expression to promote healing, growth and self-discovery. Art therapy is individually tailored to your needs and focuses on personal goals and well-being.

of Art

  • Emotional Outlet and Expression
  • Stress Reduction and Relaxation
  • Self-Exploration
  • Enhanced Communications
  • Boosted Self-Esteem
  • Catharsis and Release
  • Problem Solving and Coping Skills
At Think Kids, we prioritise holistic well-being and personal growth- we believe in providing innovative avenues for self-discovery and healing. Our Art Therapy sessions offer individuals a unique opportunity to explore their inner selves, emotions, and aspirations through the creative process in a safe environment.
> Creating a Safe and Non-Judgemental Space
Our Art Therapy sessions provide exactly that – a welcoming environment where you can freely express yourself through art without fear of criticism. This atmosphere enables you to delve into your thoughts and emotions, fostering a sense of trust and empowerment.
> Tailored Sessions for Personalised Healing
We understand that every individual’s journey is different, and their healing paths should reflect that. Our center-based Art Therapy sessions are carefully tailored to cater to each person’s unique needs and goals.
> Integration and Transformation
The magic of Art Therapy lies in its ability to integrate newfound awareness into your understanding of self and life circumstances. Through the creative process, you will find new ways of looking at your challenges, strengths, and emotions. Your artwork becomes a tangible representation of your journey, serving as a reminder of your progress and growth.
At Think Kids we believe everyone possesses an innate capacity for creativity and self-discovery. Our Art Therapy sessions provide a bridge between these abilities and your journey toward healing and self-improvement. We welcome you to embark on this artistic journey with us, where colours, shapes and forms become the tools for unlocking your inner world.
Discover the transformative power of Art Therapy with Think Kids. Let creativity be your guide on the path to self-healing and personal growth.