ThinkBridge - Intensive Day Program for Youth

Our ThinkBridge program is a short-term, intensive day treatment program tailored specifically for youth between the ages of 8 and 18 who have difficulty adjusting to the mainstream school environment because of their emotional and/or behavioral challenges.

This Monday thru Friday. in person program encompasses therapeutic interventions and onsite education services, providing a holistic approach to support their emotional well-being while assisting with their academic progress. The ultimate goal of this program is to observe, nurture, and equip students with essential social and emotional skills in a therapeutic milieu, enabling them to successfully transition back to their respective schools within a period of 6 to 12 weeks.

This program aims to benefit students who 

  • require more than traditional weekly individual therapy


  • have difficulty attending school as a result of social anxiety, depression, and/or school phobia


  • display challenging behaviors in school that interfere with the classroom on almost a daily basis.

Students attend the ThinkBridge program typically come to the center Monday thru Friday and receives services include (but not limited to): 1 hour of Individual Therapy and 2 hours of Academic Support

Overall, components of the ThinkBridge program include:

Individual Therapy

Academic Instruction


All services offered at the ThinkBridge program are guided by an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) developed by all ITP members. To ensure the effectiveness and assist with progress monitoring, pre-and-post intervention data will be collected.

ITP members include students, parents, school representatives, psychologists, counsellors, lead teacher, psychiatrist and behavioural therapists.

overall Treatment Model

Some of the highlights of the ThinkBridge program that set it apart from traditional counseling approaches in addressing severe school adjustment issues:

Intensive Treatment: ThinkBridge provides a short-term, intensive day treatment program that offers more focused and frequent therapy and educational services than traditional counseling, allowing for quicker progress and greater outcomes.

Integrated Care: The program integrates mental health and educational services into one cohesive program, which allows for a more comprehensive approach to addressing the complex issues that may be contributing to a student’s difficulties in adapting to a mainstream school environment.

Therapeutic Milieu: ThinkBridge provides a therapeutic milieu where students can practice social/emotional skills in a supportive and nurturing environment. This approach can improve the student’s confidence, self-awareness, and ability to manage their emotions and behaviors.

Onsite Education Services: In addition to therapy services, ThinkBridge offers onsite educational services that support the student’s academic needs. This integrated approach to education and mental health allows for greater alignment between academic and therapeutic goals.

Transition Support: ThinkBridge aims to transition students back to their mainstream school within 6-12 weeks, providing ongoing support to ensure the student’s continued success in the school environment.

Overall, ThinkBridge provides a unique and integrated approach to addressing severe school adjustment issues by combining mental health and educational services into one comprehensive program. This approach can lead to quicker progress and better outcomes for students, and offers a more efficient and effective alternative to traditional counseling approaches.


The Need for Outpatient Treatment in Singapore

A recent national study conducted in May 2022 has revealed concerning statistics. It was found that a staggering one in three young people, aged 11 to 18, in Singapore grapple with at least one mental disorder. Furthermore, in 2017, mental illness emerged as the leading contributor to years lost to disease among young individuals aged 10 to 34 in Singapore, making it the second largest contributor across all age groups.

We cannot overlook the impact of these challenges on academic attendance and performance. Various internalizing and externalizing behavior problems and disorders, such as anxiety, mood disorders, and disruptive behavior disorders, have historically been linked to school attendance issues. Shockingly, statistics indicate that 1% of primary school students and 2% of secondary school students have missed at least 10% of school days. Moreover, a distressing 25% of adolescents who dropped out of school were diagnosed with clinically significant depression in the months leading up to their decision to quit. These issues are especially prevalent among students attending international schools in Singapore.

Compounding these difficulties is the absence of a step-down program for students who have been discharged from psychiatric hospitalization, as well as a step-up program for youths who require more than weekly individual outpatient therapy. This critical gap in support and care for our young individuals needs to be addressed promptly.

To date, there has been a noticeable absence of specialized therapeutic educational programs in Singapore dedicated to aiding troubled students facing various emotional and behavioral challenges. This is why our program stands out as a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to fill this void and provide much-needed support to these vulnerable youths.

Thus, our ThinkBridge program is not merely an intervention. It is a lifeline for those struggling to adapt to the mainstream school environment due to severe emotional and behavioral health challenges. By combining therapy and onsite education services, we aim to create a nurturing and empowering environment that fosters emotional growth while simultaneously addressing academic needs. With this program, we strive to ensure that no young person is left behind, as we firmly believe that every individual deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.