Group ABA Therapy

Group ABA Therapy For Young Minds

Think Kids now offers Group ABA Therapy at our Orchard centre.

Our Approach

Our group ABA therapy sessions, designed for weekday mornings, are structured to provide children with the best of both worlds. We believe in striking a balance between individualized therapy and social interaction, creating an environment that mimics a school setting.

Personalised Programs

Each child at Think Kids Services benefits from an individualized ABA therapy program that caters specifically to their unique needs and challenges.

Small Group Setting

We maintain small group sizes to ensure an optimal learning environment. With a maximum of 5 children to 2 therapists, we can focus on the specific needs of each child while providing opportunities for social interaction with peers. This setting encourages the development of important social skills in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Structured Sessions

Our sessions are designed to follow a structured routine that includes a morning circle time, where children come together to engage in group activities and build connections. Children then take turns in smaller groups of 2 or 3 to work on independent tasks or receive 1-on-1 ABA therapy. This balance between group dynamics and individual attention helps children develop essential life skills and academic abilities.