About Think Kids

Singapore's Leading Child Psychologist Team

Think Kids Singapore was established in 2011 as a child psychologist practice focused on providing quality early intervention and developmental services for children with special needs in Singapore. We are driven by a mission to make a positive difference to children with special needs and their families.

Think Kids employs a disciplined approach to intervention and only implements proven, evidence based methods of therapy. In particular, Think Kids is an advocate of early intervention and Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

At Think Kids our child psychologists and behaviour therapists understand that every child is different and there is no “cookie-cutter” approach to intervention. Each child must have a customised plan which considers their specific needs and abilities so that realistic developmental objectives can be established. Furthermore, these ABA programs need to be formulated and constantly monitored by appropriately qualified and child psychologists if the maximum benefit is to be achieved.

For this reason, Think Kids is one of the few ABA providers in Singapore to have registered clinical, educational and developmental psychologists permanently based locally and actively involved in the day-to-day monitoring of children’s intervention programs. We are committed to providing these psychological resources to ensure that your child has the best opportunity to achieve their maximum potential.

In addition to our child psychologists, Think Kids has also assembled an impressive team of Case Supervisors and Behavioural Therapists who each have extensive practical experience in administering and managing ABA programs for children with special needs. Our team of child psychologists and behaviour therapists is passionate about ongoing professional development to ensure they are abreast of the latest developments in ABA so they can deliver the highest level of care possible to your child.

Think Kids is closely affiliated with Think Psychological Services which is considered one of the leading private psychological and counselling practices in Singapore.

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Who We Help

Our child psycghologists and behaviour therapists can help any child in need of behaviour modification.

By focussing on the unique needs of each child, our child psychologists and behaviour therapists are able to provide successful intervention and development services for children with a wide range of difficulties and diagnoses, including:

Our Founders

Our founders are internationally trained & registered psychologists.

Think Kids was founded by Vyda Chai (Clinical Psychologist) and Pamela See (Educational & Developmental Psychologist).

They are both registered psychologists in Singapore and Australia, and have a passion for helping children and individuals with special needs achieve their full potential.

Prior to Think Kids, Vyda and Pamela were founding partners of Think Psychological Services, which is recognised as one of the leading private psychological practices in Singapore. They are both often featured and quoted in various media, including television and magazines, in relation to psychological issues in Singapore.

In addition to their day-to-day roles at Think Kids, Vyda and Pamela continue to lead the team of psychologists and counsellers at Think Psychological Services for the assessment and diagnosis of psychological and behaviour conditions in children, including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, conduct disorder and neuro-developmental disorder, amongst others.

A reflection of the quality of their diagnostic capabilities and qualifications is demonstrated by Think Psychological Services and Think Kids being a preferred provider of psychological assessments and diagnosis to a number of international and local schools in Singapore.

Think Kids has recently expanded its footprint to Sydney, Australia and has partnered clinical psychology practice Elevate Psychologists (Sydney).


Testimonials from our clients.

We are happy with the support the Think team has given us over the past decade.

They have helped our child develop through his school years and they are still providing support for our child as he completes his university studies.

Think has been a place where our child has been able to find steady support and understanding. Their guidance has helped him navigate the challenges that have come with each major stage of his educational journey so far. Even in the difficult circumstances during the lockdown due to Covid-19, Think continued to provide support online, helping our child cope. We are grateful for the support and services that the Think team has provided.

Mr & Mrs Wee, January 2021

My son’s journey with Think Kids began in 2017. My son has Autism Spectrum Disorder and I wanted to see if ABA Therapy could help him with his behavioural issues. We started with home based sessions and having it 3 times a week. My son at first like all other kids did not like the idea of being told to follow instructions and expressed his discontent by crying, throwing tantrums and misbehaving. Being a child with Autism, he had a lot of behavioural and learning issues to be addressed.

The Case Supervisor and the therapist were so amazing with my son. They developed a rapport with him and are so dedicated to their work. The Case Supervisor gives us weekly updates on how things are going with my son and gives recommendations on how to best deal with any issues we are encountering. With the help of his therapists at Think Kids my son is able to go through his daily activities with some degree of confidence, although he cannot prepare for every challenge that life throws at him but he can go through it with whatever they have taught and guided him with.

Anonymous, January 2021

We first noticed symptoms related to ASD when Jayden and Jordan (identical twins) were 2 years old. The boys were non-verbal, had poor eye contact, and displayed self-stimulatory behaviours like hand-flapping and spinning.

As parents with little knowledge about Autism, my husband and I were naturally worried, anxious, and lost. We started seeking professional help and that was when came we across Think Kids. We had the initial assessment with a Clinical Psychologist at Think Kids.

Aside from being professional in her work, she also came across as very friendly and approachable. She listened to our concerns and answered our questions patiently. We decided to enrol our sons in the one-on-one ABA therapy.

Each of them received an individual intervention plan that was customized to their needs. In a few months, we saw improvements in our sons’ condition. Eye contact improved, and they became more responsive to their names. The reinforcer also gradually shifted from food to toys and praises. What made us more excited was that they began to speak their first words.

It has now been two and a half years since we embarked on this journey with Think Kids. The boys grew from irresponsive and uncooperative to much more interactive and compliant. They are now speaking in full sentences and asking lots of questions every day. They are attending half-day program at preschool and are starting to initiate play with their peers.

We would like to express our gratefulness to all the Case Supervisors and Behavioural Therapists, who have helped Jayden and Jordan along this journey.

They have given tremendous support, not only to our children, but also to us as parents. They would give us feedback after each session to help us understand what the boys have done in each session. They would patiently listen to our concerns and answer any questions we had. They would also spend extra time teaching us techniques that helped us to manage any behavioural issues we faced, even out of the session hours. The boys have built great relationship with their teachers and look forward to having their therapy sessions.

There are still a lot of gaps to close, and we know that it will not be an easy journey ahead. But as we continue to see small improvements day by day, we are feeling more hopeful about our sons’ future.
Thank you, Think Kids, for always being there for us. We would recommend this place to families that are seeking early intervention for their children.

Melody, January 2021

Before Think Kids my son struggled with his self-esteem, regulating his emotions and being impulsive. We’ve been with Think Kids for three years and I’m happy to say he has grown tremendously. He’s more confident and has self-awareness and thoroughly enjoys his time with his Think Kids therapist.

I would 100% recommend Think Kids and have recommended them to parents in the past. We have had a wonderful experience with their entire clinic.

Thank you Think Kids for allowing my son to see his full potential.

Julie, January 2021

我的孩子患有ADHD,幼儿园 K2 的时候我们发现了孩子的问题并且找到Think Kids来为孩子做ABA的治疗。之前孩子在幼儿园时很孤僻,时常沉浸在自己的世界中没办法跟随老师的指令。注意力也非常短暂,在学习等各方面都受到了影响。孩子的语言发展也很缓慢不能表达出自己的意愿。

在接受了Think Kids老师ABA的介入治疗后,孩子顺利进入普通的小学接受正常的教育。在之后的几年里针对孩子在学校里出现的问题老师也都耐的对孩子进行了帮助和辅导。现在孩子四年级了,能正常的学习以及参加学校活动,遇到不顺心的事情也能很快的调整好情绪冷静下来,心理健康积极向上。我特别感谢Think Kids的老师为孩子的细心付出,不光让孩子的生活回归到正常轨道,孩子也觉得老师是一位可以信赖的朋友。希望我的经历可以帮助更多的家长,让每个有需要帮助的孩子也能和其他普通的孩子一样快乐的成长。

Grace, January 2021

My daughter, Claire, was diagnosed with ASD co-morbid with William Syndrome and has been receiving support from Think Kids since 2012. The lovely team has helped Claire in all areas of her learning, from essential skills (e.g. walking, toilet training, feeding, bathing and dressing), assisting with her communication and social skills.

Think Kids has helped Claire transition through many of the obstacles and challenges that my daughter’s disability had posed. Claire has come a long way with the help of the exceptional therapists, program managers and psychologists. She is now able to exchange loving eye-contact, read effectively and exchange smiles socially. The team has been like a family to Claire and I’m thankful for the support that she’s received up until Claire’s recent relocation back to the US in 2020.

Without any reservations I would highly recommend Think Kids to any family or child with special needs. ❤️

2020 – Lily Meng (Singapore to Las Vegas – Nevada)

When our son was almost 4 years old, we were lucky to be referred to Think Kids, Singapore for an assessment and eventual diagnosis of Autism, whilst on a visit here.

Although the diagnosis was hard to process at first and life changing for our family, the empathy, care and kindness shown by the psychologists and the team towards our family made all the difference in our journey.

Our son is 12+ years now and we have travelled to Singapore several times just to get help from the team at Think Kids. As expats, we have also experienced the quality of services at centers in other countries, including Hong Kong and UAE. The service at Think Kids is on par in terms of the quality of therapy, support for parents and overall expertise, dedication and commitment towards the psychological well-being of children and their family.

July 2022 – Beenish Kahn