Pang Mui Hua

Pang Mui Hua

Case Supervisor
B Science (London), Graduate Diploma (Special Education)
Mui Hua is a Case Supervisor at Think Kids. She holds a Graduate Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Psychology and has worked in several special needs school settings across Singapore.

Mui is a strong advocate for early intervention and believes in taking an individualised but holistic approach to help children cope and assimilate into mainstream.

Mui is highly experienced in Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and has several years’ experience working with children with Autism ranging from young toddlers to teenagers from both expatriate and local communities.

Mui’s ABA experience includes working closely with the psychologists to tailor programmes specific to each child’s needs. Typical examples of these skills, include toilet training, visual and spatial abilities, listening skills for the very young kids, to social skills and school integration for older children.

The general therapy approach taken by Mui is to intensively work one-to-one with the child on the required skills in their home environment. Once these skills have been achieved, she then progresses to generalise these skills across different environments and scenarios. This step is very important for the child, as he/she needs to be able to respond to different situations with the acquired skills.

Mui is also trained in various methods to help children with ASD, ADHD and dyslexia learn more effectively. These methods include picture exchange communication (PECs), Orton-Gillingham and Avid.

Mui has organised and conducted workshops for parents and caregivers aimed at equipping them with skills to manage their child’s challenging behaviours. This is predicated on her strong belief that it is important for the child’s family members to be involved in the process. Thus she helps provide support and guidance to the parents and other caregivers in order to ensure that the child receives the full benefit of such programs.

Mui is passionate about working with children with special needs and finds its extremely fulfilling when they are able to maximise their potential. In her spare time, Mui enjoys playing tennis, cooking and travelling.