Ryan Chua

Ryan Chua

M Guidance and Counselling, BA Social Work & Psychology
Ryan Chua is a counsellor at Think Kids.

Ryan holds a Masters in Guidance & Counselling and has attained the Certificate in Autism and Higher Certificate in Autism from Autism Resource Centre (Singapore).

His prior experience includes counselling in private practice and hospitals, as well as teaching in a government funded special needs school for Autism and special needs.

Ryan is dedicated to working with children and young adults with special needs. He is passionate about equipping these individuals with the necessary independent, emotional and social skills to help them cope with the life challenges that they are presented with.

Through his years of working in the field of special needs, Ryan advocates that there are no difficult children in this world, only children waiting to be understood. He believes in creating customised social skills programs tailored to suit the learning needs and development objectives of his students. His approach often involves taking the perspective of each child so he can harness their strengths and at the same time build a platform from which they may learn from.

Ryan often delivers workshops to schools, health care professionals and in other public forums on topics dealing with the management of special needs. He also facilitates awareness and support programs for children with special needs across Singapore.

Ryan is also a certified Triple P trainer for parents with young children. He believes that working closely with parents and caregivers is the key to helping the child reach their highest potential. In his role as an experienced counsellor, he has helped psychologically educate individuals and their families to better understand, cope, manage and work through acceptance issues.

In addition to his social skills and counselling expertise, Ryan has significant practical experience working with parents and teachers to manage their child’s challenging behaviours through formulating and implementing behaviour management plans using application of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

Ryan is fluent in both English and Mandarin.